Safety & Security

Softcar Geld- und Werttransporter

Cash and Value Transporter

With our conversions to armored money and valuables transporters, we have been among the experts in the industry for many years and have made a name for ourselves in this regard.

It is almost irrelevant which vehicle is to be armored; from the classic transporter, e.g. Mercedes Benz Sprinter or VW Crafter (3.5 t – 5.5 t GVW) to the heavy truck chassis or tractor unit (7.5 t – 40 t GVW)

We armor vehicles in protection classes up to and including FB / BR 6 (DIN EN 1522 / DIN EN 1063 / VPAM standard) and provide our customers with optimal and individual solutions for the safe transport of valuables.

Our innovative solutions in the area of ​​anti-cut and blast protection additionally secure both the crew and the assets.

We offer our customers an “all-round carefree package” consisting of extensive electronic security systems such as RFID access control, GPS monitoring, 360° outdoor camera surveillance, indoor camera surveillance and even GPS tests with your alarm center.

Safety and functionality are the two most important requirements and we implement them to the full with perfection.

**Cooperation with VILLIGER** Peter Villiger is the pioneer for an economical and secure use of ink technology in the cash industry. He founded Villiger Security Solution AG in 1988 and is constantly developing his company. For him, innovation is a matter close to his heart.

With his entrepreneurial foresight and his technical understanding, he integrates the ideas from customer discussions into overall solutions so that his products benefit everyone involved in the cash cycle. In this way, he has had a lasting effect on cash security in transport and storage, in ATM’s for Europe and South America.

In difference to all competitors in the cash security and cash handling industry, Peter has a 30 year track record of being the chairman of the company. Customers admire this continuity.

Those who know Peter already, value his perseverance and his passion for customer solutions that offer a complete system and not just a product. Nothing seems impossible to him. Up to this day, Peter enjoys to challenge industry issues head on.