Hartmann Alsfeld

Handover of funding 2019!

The Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation has been supporting charitable projects in the Vogelsberg district for more than 25 years.

This year, too, the traditional donation of the foundation money took place at Hartmann, which belongs to the foundation.

There were eight in total this year.

The Regenbogen Alsfeld association, which was also one of the recipients of the funding last year, was once again delighted with a donation of € 3,000 this year. The donation will be used for the community garden in Alsfeld's Volkmarstrasse.

The Haus am Kirschberg - a decentralized youth welfare facility in Lauterbach - was surprised with a donation of 5,000 euros, which will be used to purchase a minibus.

The Alsfeld Culture Days and the Alsfeld Music School were also happy to receive donations.

Foundation funds were also handed over to the Vitos child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinic in Alsfeld in order to promote the range of exercise with the help of new play equipment.

The Albert Schweitzer School Alsfeld received € 2,000 for a brochure and a city tour on the subject of "belief in witches and devils in Alsfeld".

The youth work in the Alsfeld district of Reibertenrod was supported with € 1,000. The reason for this is the 725th anniversary of the district and the special commitment of the young people for this purpose.

The Alsfeld market play group, which is to be supported for the implementation of this year's winter fairy tale, is the eighth recipient of donations.

As every year, the foundation makes an important and valuable contribution to charitable organizations with its foundation money.

We are happy for all donors!