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Mobile Libraries

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The next library does not necessarily have to be endlessly far away. Especially in the countryside, the mobile version of a library is the almost indispensable alternative to escape the bustle of the city for once together with Goethe, Kant and Novalis.
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Who does not know - the need to read a good book right now. And then there it is: the problem of having to go to the next city, to the library. And hardly you have no more desire to make this extra effort.
For this problem we have an ideal solution, in form of a mobile library. It head for any local community to bring a piece of reading-peace to you.
For the base vehicle we use a bus model to allow the most spacious expansion, in order to accommodate as many good books as possible.
Crucial here is the fact that we provide a stay in the vehicle itself, which invites you to linger and has a cozy atmosphere the character of an actual library.
To invite to linger and have a stay at the cozy atmosphere, which provides the typical character of an actual library, we create an individual stay possibility within the bus.