Hartmann Alsfeld

Hartmann at the training fair!

The training fair in the alsfelder Hessenhalle was due!
And we have been there!

As every year, Hartmann was once again on site at the "Ausbildungsmesse" in the alsfelder Hessenhalle to introduce our apprenticeships for interested young people and school leavers for the follwoing year.

At the same time, we were able to provide the participants with a direct insight into our company by allowing them a tour through our production halls with the help of "virtual reality glasses".
This provided fascination and insight into what it means to aim for training in the field of special car body builder.

The young people were also allowed to tackle things directly by hand: our production department had made individual metal parts in advance, which had to be combined to form a small vehicle.
Now it was in the hands of the young people to rivet the cars accordingly and thus to produce their first own special car body.

By 2020, we will be offering apprenticeships for the profession of vehicle mechanic and vehicle painter, thus further expanding our apprentice tribe.
We are looking forward to our interns and future trainees!