Hartmann Alsfeld

Traditional Handover of the Subsidies

For about 25 years, the Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation has supported charitable institutions and associations in the Vogelsbergkreis.

Also in this year the traditional donation handover took place in our house. In addition to our managing director Christian Tuscher, the Alsfelder Mayor Stephan Paule, the district administrator Manfred Göring, the managing director of the Sparkasse Oberhessen Günter Sedlak and the representatives of the clubs and institutions were on site.

The Friederichs Foundation has been supporting the local region since 1991 and with Hartmann - which is 80% part of the foundation – there is one of the largest employers in the region. Since the founding of the foundation in 1984, it has been pursuing a charitable purpose committed to social, cultural or scientific purposes, to help supporting current projects.
This year six projects were pleasured by donations from the foundation.

The Club “Regenbogen Alsfeld” was surprised with 3000 € and will use this donation to continue the “Bürgergarten” in Alsfeld. Also 3000 € went to the music school in Alsfeld, which will be used for music sheets, musical instruments and the support of the junior string ensemble.

The Association of Alsfelder Culture Days received a donation for the "5. Alsfelder Kulturtage " of 5000 €. The fourth recipient of the donation is the “Haus am Kirschberg” - a decentralized youth welfare institution in Lauterbach - which uses the money of the purchase for a lift for children in wheelchairs.

Another youth welfare institution was surprised for the first time with the donations of the foundation. Adolescents with mental illnesses and adolescent addicted patients are given intensive care in the “Haus der Wildgänse” in Schwalmtal. Above all, music helps the youth to process the happenings, so the donations will be invested in a music room and musical instruments.

Another project that was part of the traditional grant money transfer for the first time is the Lego-IT-AG of the Stadtschule Alsfeld. The AG deals with Lego material, which is programmable. They will acquire further material through the received funding.
Manfred Göring summed up the joy of the Foundation's donations: "It is a great opportunity to bring funds for clubs and institutions to the region and to make the region lovable and liveable."