Hartmann Alsfeld

Dream-jobs at Hartmann!

Let´s have a look behind the scenes of our company and see how varied the job of a special body builder is!

On Monday the 11th of March, young people from Hessen had the chance to take a look behind the scenes of our company and get a first impression of the professions that can be learned with us.
The "Agentur für Arbeit Gießen" made this action possible in order to raise the professional awareness of young people to have a look at non-standard-jobs, that we train.
So we want to employ four to five trainees again this year.
At the "look behind the scenes", about a dozen young people were on site and let themselves be led through the halls of our workshop.
Our workshop staff showed interested young people how to, for example, buckle the sliding door of a vehicle, work on the folding bench and how to install metal sheets in the cab of a future cash and tranist transport truck.
For the young people, we offered directly appointments for placements and the opportunity to get a training space with us.
We are looking forward to the future applications!