Hartmann Alsfeld

Our employee Guido Becker received the safety award!

For his extraordinary outstanding idea and its implementation Guido Becker, our locksmith, received the safety award of the trade association wood and metal.

For the second time in a row, our locksmith Guido Becker (47) has been honored for his work-faciliated idea and its implementation by the trade association wood and metal (BGHM).

It was important for him to find a solution to combine determining the weight of a vehicle with less effort and physical stress.
So far, the heavy axle scales had to be raised for this purpose, which would have affected the back of our employees in the long run.

So Guido Becker started to work on the project “shunting vehicle for axle scales” and participated in the safety competition of the employers´ liability insurance association with his idea.
He evolved a rolling structure which makes it possible to position the axle scale with slight lifting in front of the wheels of the vehicle. After starting up the vehicle the weight can be determined.

In 2018 Guido Becker was already awarded with the security prize, because he also evolved a work-faciliated measure.
He designed a rolling pit cover with non-slip plates and a fixable parking brake for covering the work pits in the workshop.
Again, it was important for him to reduce the burden on the back.

Our employee is now even on the best way to get an increase in the security prize: the trophy “smart fox”.
This is awarded for outstanding measures and continuous commitment to occupational safety and health.
We keep our fingers crossed for him!